Popularly known as 3.5mm Audio cables,we just know that the function is transmit voice from source side to receiver device. Fox example , the 3.5mm jack with 3meson can use for Headphone, another plug USB-C can connect with your Mobile phone or Tablet PC,we can listen to the music only, but can not answer the phone when we have meeting, so it’s not useful.

Now ,with the change of people’s demand and the development of high technology, we must increase the function of products. As for standard of USB-C to 3.5mm cable with 3meson(Without Mic),we need to the PCB with IC can be used on the USB-C plug, it must change 3.5mm 3meson jack to 4meson jack based on video communications come to realization, so the cable’s name should be USB-C to 3.5mm 4meson audio jack. We can listen music and answer the phone at the same time, It’s useful for video meetings with Headphone.

We used shield cover processing on USB-C plug, it can reduce signal-to-interference,make people to talk fluency A USB-C to 3.5mm with 4meson jack cable helps you run the operations of your conferences smoothly without any interruptions and thus helps you win the day easily.

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