LINKLUG based at Zhongshan City of Guangdong province China and support office in US,and have a professional sales team in Local place,every people know that it’s convenient international business environment. Our main production are High-Definition HDMI cables, Fast charging cable ,Extented cable Scart to HDMI , Coaxial cable and enginering cable ect. We can offer the best resolution depand on customer’s demand. LINKLUG factory must be manufactured to HDMI License specifications, we used Oxygen free copper, Certified connectors, ROHS PVC plastics,high-quality spare parts, LINKLUG factory can offer OEM,ODM, and OBM for customer, the client will be choose the right one that they need it.

What is the meaning of OEM, ODM and OBM?

Have you heard of OEM, ODM and OBM in the manufacturing industry? Let us reveal the answer: the meaning of ODM is Original Design Manufacturer for customer,,the meaning of OEM is Original Entrusted Manufacture, the meaning of OBM is Original Brand Manufacture

Why provide OEM for customer? Linklug factory can cooperate with customers in different sales channels, accept for orders according to customer’s requirement. We can provide OEM when customers have their own brand and designing. we also can offer customized services to customers.

Why provide ODM for customer?

We can provide ODM when customer want the manufacturer to create the overall design and specifications of customer’s production.Linklug factory has an professional Research & Development team for 15 peoples, Including contour designer, Structural designer,Electronic Designer, Packaging designer.  So, we can make the final designing according to customer’s idea for free,Linklug factory can apply the patent for customer.

Why provide OBM for customer? Linklug braind has registered in US, we hope that cooperate with more distributors in different countries, We will authorize this brand to our customers, also including sales online business.