With the innovation of product technology, the demand for power supply speed is increasing. Therefore, only data cables with Type-C interface can meet the demand for fast charging. Therefore, our company has developed a fully functional fast charging data cable

The production name is : USB3.1 Type C to Type C long cable with Video, support for all USB-C port’s device.

Most of Usb-c cable can suppport for 10Ft about 3meters, but our Usb-C cable the Max length for 30Ft about 10Meters and

Full functionality

Linklug Usb-C cable not only use for Laptops Tablets Phones,Micro camera, but also can use for medical equipment and precise instrument,because both charge and transfer data are quickly.



Both specification as below

3FT 8K60HZ 100W 20G

6FT 8K60HZ 90W 20G

10FT 4K60HZ 80W 10G

12FT 4K60HZ 80W 10G

15FT 4K60HZ 70W 5G

 20FT 4K60HZ 65W 5G

 25FT 4K60HZ 60W 5G

 30FT 4K60HZ 60W
5G(support not 100%)

For inquiries and orders, please visit www.linklug.com  or contact our dedicated sales team at  Oliver yang

Email: oliveryang@linkoox.com                     Skype & Whatsapp & Wechat ID:   +86 15876034237

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