People’s living standards are getting better and better, so most of country to select multi-function TV or Smart TV, there have hdmi connectors, audio connectors on TV, it must use HDMI to HDMI cable 8K or 4K to connect TV with TV-Box,the Resolution will be come to Ultra high definition image 7680*4320P.

But,some European countries, they still use the Old TV in 10 years before, just have RJ45, VGA, LNB, RF, Scart Connectors on TV. So if people wants to connect with TV-Box, they must use HDMI to Scart cable to receive and decode the signal. HDMI cable work with TV-Box, Scart to work on TV,people can choose the channel that they like it.

HDMI output signal to Scart by IC

HDMI cable to connect with TV-Box

Scart plug to connect on TV or others monitor

It’s easy to use on Old TV, people LOVE it!

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