Most of the people are familiar with standard HDMI cable, it means high definition  image transmission. HDMI is an trademark belong to HDMI Licensing Administrator ,Inc. They have different kinds of Version , such as 1.4version, 2.0version, 2.1Version ect. We can use HDMI cable(male to male) on the TV, one is connect with TV box, another plug is connect with TV monitor

Except for standard HDMI cable, we have developed water proof HDMI cable for engineering project, for example standard HDMI cable to Water proof HDMI cable male or water proof HDMI female,it’s better to customize base on customer’s demand.

Water proof HDMI cable Female ,prevent water from entering the connector and loss signal,it’s easy to ensure that the correct signal to transmit with other devices,for Water proof HDMI cable Female can work Generally, it should be lock the water proof HDMI female cable on the machine board, other plug can use for on the device.

Water proof HDMI male cable can work with Monitor ,Cameras and Surveillance or connect with Female cable.

It’s easy to use this cable with correct devices.

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